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The success of this event is dependent on all who participate. Each individual skater should understand the rules and guidelines. Please exercise common sense at all times.

Pedestrian Laws
It is helpful to understand the California Vehicle code regarding pedestrians. By law, a pedestrian is someone who is walking or using a human powered device such as a wheelchair, skateboard or roller-skates. Although much of the route includes streets with bike lanes, it is important to remember that even though you are skating with a group, your legal status is STILL a pedestrian. When skating in the streets, right-of-way MUST be given to motor vehicles. When crossing intersections, we as pedestrians have the right of way, but use caution anyway.

Stay to the Right
When skating in the streets, stay AS FAR TO THE RIGHT AS POSSIBLE. If the street has a bike lane, STAY INSIDE IT. Do not block or slow down traffic. If there is not enough room for you to stay to the right because of other skaters, slow down or speed up to find a place where you can safely stay to the right.

Keep the Streets Clear When Stopped
When you approach and stop at a red light, WAIT FOR THE GREEN LIGHT ON THE SIDEWALK. If you wait in the street, you will block vehicles trying to make a right turn at the corner. Whenever you are not skating, MAKE SURE you are on the sidewalk.

It Is Up to You to Constantly Evaluate Road Conditions
Do not assume that every surface is flat, flawless or debris-free. Always watch the road. If you see a hazard, such as debris on the road, cracks in the cement, anything that you feel is a skating hazard, "call it back" to other skaters. When you hear someone call back a hazard to you, call it back to other skaters as well.

Do Not Run Red Lights
Montana Ave - No matter how fast you're going, stop at all red lights.

Be considerate and Respectful to Skaters and Non-skaters Alike
Yield right of way to pedestrians. Be considerate and respective of others. Don't your skating endanger others.

Do Not Grab on to Moving Vehicles
No skitching. Make it up the hills on your own. Do not hold onto cars, buses or other vehicles.

Do Not Skate Under the Influence of Alchohol
Do not come to the skate intoxicated. Do not drink alcohol during the skate.

Follow the Instructions of the Marshals
When the skate group is large, designated marshals will assist with keeping the skate rolling smoothly. Please listen carefully to what they have to say.

If You Plan on Leaving Before the Skate is Over, PLEASE Notify One of the Leaders
No one is left behind. If you leave without telling us, we will spend time looking for you.



Basic Techniques

Advanced Techniques


Although a lot of effort has been put into the selection of a safe route, there are still some inherent risks in skating outdoors, especially at night.

The Friday Night Skate is not responsible for the personal safety of each skater. Each skater IS PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for his or her own safety. By understanding and following the rules of the road provided, we can ensure a better, safer experience for everyone.

Please make an effort to be familiar with these rules and guidelines prior to attending your first skate. Safety gear, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and flashlights, is strongly recommended.
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