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In our community a lot of things come out at night, but I don't think you've ever seen anything like the "Friday Night Skate." Imagine an eclectic group, between 40 and 80 skaters flying through the streets. A
sound system strapped
to a skater's back provides 70's Disco and Funk music. It's like a big rolling party.

You don't have to be an advanced skater to join our group, but you should have some experience. The 10 mile course is skated at a fairly easy pace which goes through some of the best streets in Santa Monica and West LA, then once a month through Hollywood including the Sunset Strip. There are lots of cool rest stops which allows everyone to catch their breath and stay together. Our last rest stop is perfect for skate dancing. We put our sound system on the ground, play the music, and there are usually talented skaters to give us a show.

Sometimes we schedule a special theme for our skate such as our famous Halloween Skate where everyone dresses in costumes. We also have done "The Spirit of '76" on the weekend of July 4th. Skaters dressed in red, white, and blue rolled through the streets drumming up a festive Independence Day spirit while Christopher (our "music man") carried a music box on his back which played 70's music the whole evening. Other scheduled special events include a "Skate Against Violence! Skate Against Hate!" celebration in October.
The LA Friday Night Skate was created to emulate the San Francisco Friday Night Skate which routinely has over 300 skaters and has had over 700 skaters. We're not there yet but it is our hope that Los Angeles will reach and surpass those numbers.

The originators of the LA Friday Night Skate come from the famous Venice Beach Skate Dancers. Thus explaining the reason we carry a 25 lb sound system. We have to have music! Later the group was joined by all sorts of skaters ranging from speed skaters to aggressive skaters to, of course our largest group, the rec skaters.

Now that the word is getting out, the numbers are sure to keep growing. So next time you are wondering what to do on a Friday night why not join in? It's free to participate, won't make you fat, or leave you with a hangover.
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