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What is a group street skate?
Imagine a roller rink party without the rink. The combination of music, skates and friends creates a truly unique experience. Group skates bring together a wide variety styles and abilities from the local skate community.

Where do you go?
With skates we can cover plenty of ground, taking in some of the city's most popular attractions. We follow a static route through both Santa Monica and Hollywood. Each route loosely resembles a figure eight. The distance is between 8 and 10 miles.

How good a skater do I have to be?
The FNS will be most enjoyable for skaters of intermediate skill level and better. You should be confident on your skates, able to stop, and step on and off curbs.

How fast do you go/how fit do I have to be?
The skate maintains a fluid pace based on the ability of the skaters attending on a given night. No one is left behind. We use rest stops to keep the group together. Portable radios (like a Motorola Talkabout) tuned into channel 4, subchannel 20 can tune into the ongoing communication between skaters. The skate is geared more towards the intermediate skater and up.

How many people go?
The skate draws between 12-100 skaters each week. The beautiful LA weather permits year round skating so the skate is almost always "on". When in doubt, check the website.

Where do you meet?
Skaters gather by the cannon at the top of the Santa Monica Pier (Corner of Colorado Ave and Ocean Ave. On days we skate hollywood, the meeting place is the Southeast corner of Santa Monica and Doheny.

What time does it start and end?
What time does it start and end? Skaters begin to gather at the meeting place at about 8:30 pm. The skate begins at 9 pm and runs until about 11 pm.

Are there rest breaks?
Yes, there are several places along the route where we stop for a break. One rest stop serves as a refreshment break. Another is at a park where you can work on skills, strut your stuff, or just kick back and socialize. In addition to these there are brief pauses throughout the skate that help us keep the group together.

What if it's raining?
If there is rain in the forecast for Friday night, please check the website.

What does it cost?
The FNS is free of charge.

What should I bring on the skate?
We encourage the use of protective equipment including helmets, wristguards, and knee/elbow pads. Since this is a night skate, flashing lights are also recommended.

How safe are these streetskates?
We skate the routes ahead of time to determine the safest course. Where possible we designate alternate "detours" for skaters that are not ready for steeper grades of hills. If the hill appears to be beyond your ability, please consider removing your skates and walking down. If you exercise common sense, know yourself, and pay attention, a street skate should be no more dangerous than any other sports activity.

Is there medical assistance available if I fall?
At the beginning of each skate there will be a "Medic" designated. This person will carry a first aid kit in a fanny pack. Medics are not necessarily health care workers so they will only be able to assist in providing first aid supplies and notifying the skate leaders that we have a skater down. Should your injuries require more serious medical attention, we can call for help or direct you to the nearest hospital.

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